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Description of WINI

This conference focuses on trends and issues in practice facing the nursing professional and provides a comprehensive examination of nursing informatics theories, impact of human factors, systems analysis, and design approaches. Methods for managing information databases and systems, as well as the evaluation of computer technology systems are included. The content provides an opportunity to prepare for the ANCC Nursing Informatics Certification Exam and is conducted by certified informatics nurses.

Conference Objectives:

At the completion of the conference, participants will be able to:

  1. Examine theories, models, and frameworks that could be used in healthcare and nursing informatics practice, education, administration, and research domains.
  2. Distinguish among the terms human factors, ergonomics, human-computer interaction and usability.
  3. Discuss system planning concepts.
  4. Describe available hardware, software, and communications components for a healthcare information management solution.
  5. Identify strategies to establish a solution.
  6. Develop an implementation plan and project management plan for an information systems plan.
  7. Evaluate the implementation of a healthcare IS solution.
  8. Identify opportunities to contribute to local, state, national, and international informatics initiatives.
  9. Assess readiness to complete the ANCC certification examination for nursing informatics.

Conference Topics:

  • Welcome, Introductions and Overview of course
  • Theories Used in Nursing Informatics
  • Human Factors in Nursing Informatics
  • Case Studies and Group Work
  • Standard I Assessment
  • Standard 2 Problems and Issues Identification
  • Standard 3 Outcomes Identification
  • Standard 4 Planning
  • Standard 5 Implementation
  • Standard 6 Evaluation
  • Standard 7-16 Professional Performance, Trends and Issues
  • Certification ProcessL Are you Ready for the ANCC NI Certification Exam?
  • Course Evaluation, Certificate of Completion Award

Target Audience and Teaching Methods:

This conference is designed for nurses who want to expand or clarify their working knowledge of nursing informatics. Experienced informatics nurses will find this program helpful as they prepare for the ANCC Nursing Informatics Examination. New informatics nurses will understand the breadth of knowledge and skills expected of the role. Nursing Educators and Staff Nurses on implementation teams will particularly benefit from this course. According to the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, all nurses need to utilize nursing informatics concepts in their practice.


At the completion of this workshop, the participant should be able to identify the key concepts of nursing informatics.


This conference focuses on trends and issues in practice facing the profession and provides a comprehensive examination of nursing informatics theories, impact of human factors, systems life cycle approach, methods for managing information databases and information technology overview. The content provides an opportunity to prepare for the ANCC Nursing Informatics Certification exam and gain nursing informatics specific contact hour continuing credit.

ANCC Questions:

From the ANCC: “Requirements for eligibility to take the Informatics Nurse certification exam have been expanded to include a bachelor’s or higher degree in nursing or a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (sciences, professional disciplines, or academic liberal arts).”

Test Content Outline –  please visit American Nurses Credentialing Center:

Informatics Nurse Exam References


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend a WINI to take the ANCC Certification exam?

ANCC indicates that the NI certification exam is at the generalist level and for those who have been working in the field. That means in theory you don’t need special education or a master’s degree as preparation for the NI exam, as long as you know the content reflected in the test content outline posted on ANCC’s website.

How did WINI get started?

We developed the first WINI in 1995 as a means for us as faculty to complete a review of informatics content that we thought might be included on the first ANCC exam. It was also envisioned to be a time just for us, away from work and away from family, dishes, carpooling, laundry, beepers and cell phones.That first event proved a very enriching experience because we could network with peers and share the problem solving and learning. We talked and talked well into the night.

Who attends a WINI?

Many WINI participants consider this continuing education experience a must for them as preparation for the certification exam to “put it all together.” Others attend WINI for the CE credits to add toward the required 30 contact hours when submitting their application for the exam. Those just entering the informatics environment come as “sponges” to soak up everything possible. Faculty attend because they have been assigned to teach informatics and don’t have an idea of what informatics education should be. CNOs and deans of schools of nursing feel committed to lead by example and stay one step ahead of their staff. We have had others who are not nurses attend so they can understand how nurses think and how to best support nursing when designing systems, programming software, or completing their systems analyst work.

Does anyone come to a WINI more than once?

We even have several regulars, returning WINI folks who have become certified but come back for the networking opportunities and to re-energize by learning something new with others who talk the same language and have the same practice issues. These folks identify that being the only informatics nurse in their workplace is a very lonely position. Some attendees have indicated the accompanying resources and reference list are invaluable and surpass the registration fee.



For information about ANCC Certification

Certification, application process, and requirements for certification please visit the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC.)  Web site:


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